I am a recent graduate from the University of Massachusetts and former founder of the Hoxly Corporation. While at Hoxly, I’ve worked on a number of ambitious projects.

  • AskSteem was a search engine for the STEEM blockchain. During its lifetime it served over a billion queries and generated upwards of $40,000 in API sales.
  • Hoxly Answers is a machine learning based question and answer website. It uses a sequence-to-sequence model with attention that tries to produce questions for which some given text is the answer. The data made available on the site today is taken from select articles of the English Wikipedia.
  • Hoxly News was originally an algorithmic news site that would rank news articles using PageRank divided by time. It is now a social network that allows users to submit and vote on news stories.
  • Hoxly Links is a dead link redirection service which automatically redirects links to web pages that no longer exist on the web or have temporarily gone offline to an archived copy.
  • Cherry on Top was a Chromium extension that allowed users to input an arbitrary number of Amazon affiliate codes to cycle through whenever they shopped on Amazon.com. It was designed to help content creators who used Amazon Affiliates for supplemental revenue. The extension was discontinued over concerns with the Amazon Affiliates Terms of Use.

I primarily have experience with the Python programming language including many of it’s most popular libraries and ecosystems such as SciPy (namely NumPy, Pandas, and Matplotlib), Django, Flask, and Keras (deep learning library). Additionally, the University of Massachusetts uses the Java programming language in its computer science department thus I am familiar with it as well. I also have broad knowledge of many other technologies not listed here. If you have questions about something specific feel free to drop me an email.

I am now a software engineer at RevOps.