My Top 5 Pet Peeves

We all have the one little thing, or maybe just that one moment that someone does something that just drives you nuts. I call these pet peeves and today I would like to share with you my top 5 pet peeves that I have seen repeatedly.

  1. “Console is better than PC”… I have heard this an endless amount of times from people who barely know the difference between a monitor and a computer. The fact is that most console games (including next gen) are toned down versions of the PC game. Another thing is that most people who tend to say this, have never played anything better than a free flash game.
  2. People getting MB confused with Mb, Believe it or not, there is a difference. MB stands for MegaByte but Mb stands for MegaBit, but because Megabytes are far more popular most people see that their internet gives them x number of Mb per second and think: “OMG I have like a download speed of 100 Megabytes a second”. Really? So you just downloaded that 30 Gigabyte file in 5 minutes? No, just No.
  3. People not setting clocks to the correct time after daylight savings time starts. I can understand if it takes you a few days to get all your clocks set to the new time but, if it takes so long that by the time you finally change your clocks it’s time to change them back again you waited too long. I have had people not change their clocks for literally months after the time change and they are always late or early for everything… Geez, I wonder why? *Sarcastically*
  4. Macs and iPhones are NOT impervious to viruses! The truth is that viruses are in circulation for almost 10 times longer on Macs and iPhones than on Windows PC. This I because of the idea that they are unable to get viruses which is very much untrue as the way I see it, whatever your good at there is someone else who is better (Unless you are literally the best hacker in the world which in that case, Hi plz don’t hack my accounts).
  5. People who walk on the road when the sidewalk is right there. Do you have a death wish? The other day I saw a guy walking on a 6 lane road when there was literally a sidewalk 6 feet away. Why? Just why would anyone do something so stupid? If you ask me Darwin’s survival of the fittest still words today, in the sense that people who do things like that are killed early on in life and the rest of us who know to not take unnecessary risks just keep on living.

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