How to Make Phone Calls on an iPod

The New iPod Touch from Apple is a great way of getting an iOS 8/9 experience without having to pay the hefty price of the iPhone. However while cheaper than the iPhone it does come with a few drawbacks, one of which is that it cannot be used to make Phone calls or send text messages (by default). However, with today’s technologies, it’s pretty easy for even the most non-technical people to start making phone calls from their new iPod.

Step #1 – Create a Google Account

If you’ve already got a Google account this can be skipped however the service will be using is owned by Google and requires a free Google account to start using it. You can register here.

Step #2 – Get Google Voice

Next in your browser while signed into your Google account visit and run through the basic setup process.

 Google Voice Setup:

  1. Choose I want a New Number from the Initial Setup or if you prefer you can use your current number.
  2. Add any of your current phones as a Forwarding phone. (What Phone You Choose doesn’t matter for this tutorial)
  3. Enter Your Zipcode, or a Keyword to search for available numbers to choose from, then a list should appear and you can pick a number that you like.

Step #3 – Edit Basic Settings (Optional)

Once you set up your Google Voice account and select your number you can change specific settings such as your voicemail and pins by clicking on the gear icon in the upper right corner of the user interface and selecting settings.

Step #4 – Install Google Voice App

Next, you just have to install the Google Voice App on your iPod and connect it to your Google Account. Once you complete the Application setup your ready to send and receive text messages, and phone calls from your iPod for free. The number that you give to people to call you is the same number you choose when you set up Google Voice. If you forgot your number then you can find it easily by logging into Google Voice and finding the listed phone number in the left column.

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